Downtown New Haven's iconic nail salon that gets you noticed

Our East Rock nail salon is known for russian manicures and exceptional nail artistry. By appointment only.

A different type of nail salon—and proud of it ✷ a different type of

We elevate self-care to an art form.
And make manicures that are anything but ordinary.

Traditional Nail Salons

Sick Nails

Nail art confined to a menu

next level nail art painted by an artist

Cheap nail services that are made to take off quickly

nails that last weeks (not days!)

End result depends on which tech you get

consistent results, every time

Reused files & buffers, not sanitary

hospital grade disinfection & health

Smells like acrylic fumes

smells like bougie candles

Too scared to ask for a different shape, color, etc

personalized service & attention to detail

Over files nails, makes cuticles bleed

prioritizes natural nail health

Experience a unique blend of art and beauty with me!

I'm Kate—the owner and primary artist behind Sick Nails. With a BFA from Parsons School of Design, a decade of experience as a digital product designer, and my DIY interior design skills I moved back to my home city and opened the nail studio of my dreams in 2020. I aim to offer the perfect mix of style, service, and conversation. From cowgirls, to 90s britpop, to ceramics and textiles, I'd love to take your nail inspo to the next level.

Step inside my vibrant nail art studio

In my private nail art studio, I create personalized designs that turn heads and embody your distinctive style. And the best part? My manicures last far beyond traditional salons, ensuring the compliments keep on coming.

Why the coolest girlie you know already loves me...

next level nail art

From the latest Insta nail trend, to making nail art inspired by contemporary art and objects—I am a trained artist that brings your unique nail vision to life, transcending the limits of a typical nail art menu or Pinterest re-creation.

long-lasting manis

I use premium products for premium results—crafted with an exclusive selection of premium Korean and Japanese gel products, my manicures stand the test of time so you can revel in stunning nails that last weeks, not days. (With proper aftercare, of course!)

i'm "your nail girl"

Experience a vibe like no other in my vibrant, queer-friendly (and founded!) hideout. My clients choose me for the laughter, authenticity, vulnerability and an unforgettable salon experience. It's like having your nails done by your coolest best friend.

nail wellness

I go beyond aesthetics, prioritizing the integrity of your natural nails. Whether guiding nail biters to newfound growth or creating a foundation for long-term beauty, my approach is rooted in enhancing your nails' health and promoting lasting, beautiful results.

consistent results

Hate salon surprises? With me, expect consistent, exceptional results every time. No disappointments—just the nails you love, every visit.

i'm clean as F***

I prioritize the health and beauty of your nails in and out of the salon (where it smells like bougie candles—not acrylic fumes!) I employ hospital-grade disinfection protocols and use brand new single-use items (like files and buffers!) on every client.

Here's what some of my clients have to say:

Kate works wonders! She is an expert at nail art and truly cares about her clients' experience. My nails look their best and at their healthiest when getting her manicures.
Madison S.
6 months ago
You will not be disappointed. Amazing nail art, a beautiful studio, and excellent vibes. If you’re unsure of what style, color, or nail art to get, Kate has an exceptional eye and will guide you through the process.
Olivia C.
5 months ago
My manicures regularly last 4+ weeks if I’m taking good care of them. Not only is Kate a super talented artist, but she’s also helped me care for my nails and grow them out longer than I even thought possible.
Megan R.
2 months ago
Kate made me feel perfectly at ease. I left with the most beautiful nails I've ever had! Nearly three weeks later, they're still immaculate, and the whole experience has made me want to invest in regular appointments and nail care.
Morgan F.
a year ago
I would get compliments all over New Haven! Kate grew my nails to the longest they have ever been. She has such a clear passion for what she does and it is always a treat getting my nails done with her!
Sarah O.
3 months ago
Killer art and made me feel safe and comfortable getting my first manicure. Each of my gel manicures has lasted WEEKS without any chips or lifting!
Henry Q.
6 months ago
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