Congrats on your new Sick Nails!
Thank you for choosing us for your latest manicure!

Below are some guidelines for helping your new gel manicure last as long as possible and reaching your natural nail goals!

Do apply cuticle oil daily

Cuticle oil is THEE number one thing you can do to maintain your manicure.

Cuticle oil introduces moisture back into the nail and surrounding skin, helping them remain flexible and less prone to breakage and lifting.

Massaging cuticle oil into your nail improves blood flow to the nail matrix, stimulating growth and resulting in longer, stronger nails over time!

We have refillable cuticle oil pens & eyedroppers available in the studio. Jojoba or argan oil are also great alternatives!

Do book your next appointment before you have a lot of lifting

Our goal is to prep your natural nail as few times as possible over the course of your sessions with us.

If you notice that your manicure is lifting a lot before your next appointment, you can always reschedule for an earlier date!

You can book an appointment online using Square Appointments 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Do wear gloves when cleaning, doing dishes, gardening, etc.

Protect your nails when doing tuff stuff to avoid chipping, lifting, and peeling—like wearing gloves while gardening or wrenching on your classic car (or motorcycle!)

Hot water, soaps, and common household cleaners can dry out your natural nails and cause the gel to peel away from the dry natural nail.

Do protect your nail tips while cleaning

Hold your hand like you're mimicking a claw, then pull your fingertips into your palm. While your hand is in this position, rest it on top of the sponge, and grip the side of the sponge with your thumb. Your index through pinky fingernails should be top down onto the sponge.

It feels awkward at first, but using this trick while cleaning/scrubbing will help protect your nails from bumping into backsplashes and the like. Also, remember to wear gloves while cleaning with harsh chemicals and solvents!

Things to avoid:

Avoid using your nails as tools

Instead of using your nails to open soda cans, key rings, scrape labels, open mail or packages, use tools made for the job like the edge of a spoon, a butter knife, razor blade or box cutter. Or ask a friend/family member for a helping hand!

Avoid hot water

Wear dish gloves when hand washing dishes and keep your nails out of baths and hot tubs. The heat of the water softens the gel and your natural nails absorb the water in the bath, shower, or sink. Soap strips your nails of natural oils. The result is dried out, brittle nails that are less likely to retain product.

Frequent hand washing is OK, but try to avoid scalding water if you can, and remember to dry your hands after washing.

Avoid picking, biting, or peeling your nails and gel

I'm not here to shame anyone—especially after the last couple of years we've had—so consider it a gentle reminder.

When you pick/bite/peel your gels off, they remove the top layers of keratin off your natural nails. Damaged nails are less likely to retain product as well with each subsequent bit of damage.